Job Description
We are looking for a creative SEO executive to optimize the content on our website based on analytics
and keyword research. The SEO executive will also be responsible for researching advertising and
website layout trends that will generate more page traffic.
SEO executive will be able to conduct insightful market research to establish a marketing strategy that
will effectively reach the target audience. He/She should be comfortable evaluating the marketing
process, and work to critique and improve its outcomes.
● Doing on-page and off-page SEO of ecommerce web app
● Conducting on-site and off-site analysis of web SEO competition.
● Using google analytics to conduct performance reports regularly.
● Creating high-quality SEO content.
● Assisting with blog content.
● Leading keyword research and optimization of content.
● Bachelor’s degree in marketing or related field
● 2 – 3 years of relevant experience
● Strong analytical, communication, time-management and creativity skills
● Strong ability to focus on customer/market and take initiative Experience with social media
● Extensive experience in SEO.
● Working knowledge of Google Analytics.
● Experience with coding techniques.
● Thorough understanding of web design and site structures.
● Good knowledge of back link analysis.