An interview is a meeting for two-way discussion and to exchange information. Here one (Candidate) needs to project himself how suitable he/she is for that job and the other (Recruiter) finds if he/she is capable to handle that role. In general a resume gives an idea of what the candidate is and his(brief) experiences, helping Recruiter to shortlist the same.The interview is the one which gives the clear picture of the candidate be it in terms of checking the attitude, communication, team handling, pressure handling, personality, his convincing capability etc., So Interviews plays a vital role for both the candidate and the recruiter.
Interview, which is basically a testing time, is very important for both Recruiter as well as the candidate. Both should not take it lightly. First the candidate needs to take the Interview seriously and needs to do all the ground works needed before the interview. Some basic things would be in going through the Company’s website and making salient points of the company’s products, their competition, their vision , their success stories, their financial statistics and their future plans etc.,standing prepared and using the above valuable information during Interview will give a good impression about the candidate. The candidate needs to have a thorough understanding of what the job profile/ vacancy for which he/she is giving the interview. His answers needs to be twining his experiences/ qualification with the Job profile/ role and comes up with a solution that he is the Ideal person to get the Job.
These are some Basic things which a candidate needs to follow before/during Interview:
·         Clear understanding about the company

·         Clear understanding about the job vacancy for which he/she is giving the Interview.

·         Go through the company’s website and make a note of salient points.

·         Practice the regular questions asked in Interview.

·         Do a mock Interview question/answering in front of the Mirror

·         Avoid consuming alcohol or any narcotic drugs before Interview.

·         Get a good night sleep.

·         Never get tensed at any point of time and keep only positive energy flowing in blood.

·         Brush up the total preparations made for the Interview.

·         Dress up neatly and be well groomed.

·         Have Tiffin/ meal before Interview based on the timings to be at good energy levels.

·         Think only positive things.

·         Be at the interview spot before time.

·         Knock and enter the Interview room.

·         Wish whosoever present in the Interview panel.

·         Give a warm smile and firm handshake.

·         Get adjusted and sit comfortable, without crossing your arms or legs.

·         Be attentive towards the questions asked.

·         Eyes and ears needs to be wide open during Interview.

·         Answers should be neat/ crisp and towards the point.

·         Don’t beat around the bush, if you don’t know the answers. Simply say “Sorry, I don’t know”.

·         If you don’t understand any question, ensure you ask them and get it cleared before answering.

·         Do ask questions from your end if they permit you to ask.

·         Remember to say Thank you to everyone in the Interview panel.

·         Thinking /being negative about you.

·         Complaining about present employer, former employer.

·         Asking about salary/ variable and fixed allowances in the early stages of Interview.

·         Keep looking at your watch/ clock placed on the wall during the interview.

·         Keeping the mobile switched on.

1.     Family Background

2.     Educational back ground

3.     Work Experience

4.     Stability towards job

5.     Initiative taken as an individual in earlier companies

6.     Communication

7.     Interpersonal Skills

8.     Confidence

9.     Aptitude

10.  Pleasant Looks

11.  Attitude

In general many companies follow these 2 types of Interview.
These days many companies uses Telephonic Interview as an easy screening procedure to short list candidates from the pool of resumes that that they receive for any vacancy. So any candidate receiving a call from a company’s HR team regarding telephonic interview, he/she needs to immediately move to a place that is comfortable to speak without any disturbance. He needs to give his full fledged attention towards the questions asked. The most important one in Telephonic interview is the crispness and the better clarity of your answers instead of giving vague answers. Remember, you just have few minutes with a person to make a mark in his mind, so the language used and the answers needs to be extra ordinary with proper voice modulations.
A personal interview gives an opportunity to evaluate the candidate in depth. A real scrutiny of the candidate happens here by the HR personnel and the respective functional heads for which the candidate is giving the Interview.

The details of personal Interview are already discussed in INTERVIEW BASICS. Please check.