1. Liaise with process owners at co-manufacturing location and to establish and implement necessary
communication strategy for smooth operations, improvements and awareness of quality issues
across all relevant departments.
2. To analyse and ensure the quality of incoming raw material, packaging materials and finished
product as per standard Kriti specifications and quality Inspection plan
3. To provide refresher training about Kriti quality and requirement to staff before staring the filling.
4. To liaise with shop-floor workmen of the co-manufacturing plant for continual quality improvement.
5. To provide training to shop-floor workmen of the plants for consistent quality and food safety
6. To timely verify the correctness of records of product and process quality.
7. To maintain the control samples wherever required
8. To provide all the necessary technical inputs to assure consistency in product quality.
9. To maintain general housekeeping and safety procedures in the processing and filling area.
10. FG to be released for filling basis on bulk tank and filling tank quality define as per Kriti std.
11. Random sample to be checked at filling line and if any deviation observed, filling to be stopped and
inform to QC Head or packing in charge.
12. To very batch coding on daily at start up and at the time of change of coding and maintain records
13. FG audit daily morning as per our check list and if any deviation then informs to QC Head, ensure to
dispatch only quality compliant material.