Aggregator Marketing Manager

Location: Indore

Purpose: Increase dine-in footfall and delivery orders for Absolute Barbecues (AB’S) by collaborating with aggregator platforms.


Develop and execute marketing strategies.
Manage digital advertising campaigns.
Analyze data for targeted marketing.
Collaborate with internal and external partners.
Implement A/B testing and monitor campaign performance.
Utilize social media and influencer marketing.
Stay updated on industry trends and conduct market research.
Establish strong relationships with aggregator platforms.

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field.
5+ years of experience in Aggregator Marketing Manager role within the QSR industry.
Proficiency in digital marketing and data analysis.
Strong communication and leadership skills.
Familiarity with regulatory requirements.

Restaurant operations
Marketing strategy
Digital marketing
Customer service
Sales management
Menu development
Vendor management
Data analysis