Talent Max Consultants Resume Services builds and writes powerful resume personally crafted according to each and every client’s individual characteristic.

Why you need a Professional Resume Writer?
• A recruiter on an average spends 5-20 seconds to evaluate your CV.
• A Recent study by Harward Business Review shows that 95 % of Resume goes to trash
• Most of the suitable candidates do not get interview calls because of poor resume.

How can we help you?
• We understand, evaluate and review your credentials and your aspirations by direct interaction with you, this helps us to deliver exactly right resume for you.
• Our Resume specialists with experience in varied sectors are regularly evaluating on different formats and templates so as you get a fresh and unique resume to get noticed.
• We send your CV to various other consultants through our huge network, so as you get more interview calls.
• We make your CV more visible to recruiters; we help you penetrate your CV online.
Professional Resume Writing

In today’s competitive job market, a professional resume helps a job seeker showcase his/her skills, expertise, education and accomplishments appropriately to a potential employer. The position applied for seeks the person best suited for the job and if you fit the bill, don’t let a deficient resume prevent you from getting that dream job. A professional resume helps put your best foot forward when you apply for a job and brightens your prospects. Make that wise move today and let our resume experts build a powerful resume which enhances your confidence levels and fulfill your desire to make your mark in the corporate world.

The charges for the resume writing and cover letter writing are:

Service Type Amount (INR)
Cover Letter for the resume for 0-5 years of work experience 250
Cover Letter for the resume for 5+ years of work experience 350
Resume writing for 0-5 years of work experience 1500
Resume writing for 5+ years of work experience 2500