 Will be responsible for compliances related to Company Law as applicable to the company.
 Filing of statutory forms as and when applicable to company within timeline.
 Timely reporting/filling of Financial Statement i.e file its Balance Sheet along with
Statement of Profit and Loss Account.
 Internal filing of all related documents of company law which are to be maintained.
 Is Responsible to get listed in main board & NSE
 Responsible for Liaison with ROC (Registrar of Companies) and MCA (Ministry of
corporate Affairs).
 Ensuring all ROC related compliances. (Regulars Forms of ROC as per the applicability of
 Is responsible to execute Secretarial Audit
 Drafting and vetting of MOA, MOU, Bank guarantee, Indemnity Bonds if any, Undertakings
and authority letters, vendor contracts, etc.
 Preparation & submitting all Passed Resolution in the Company
 Conducting and attend all the board meetings, EGM AGM.
 Is responsible for Filling of Annual Return within 60 days of holding of Annual General
 Compliances under Companies Act 2013, PIT, ICDR, SAST.
 Liaison with government and regulatory official : DIC, CSIDC, Pollution Department,
CSPDCL, Health and Safety, CREDA, WRD etc.,
 Liaison with relevant Government offices and other competent authorities if necessary.
 Adherence to environmental Compliances and ensure to attain environment Clearances.
 Responsible for carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment Related Matters

 Management of all Consultant Contracts.
 Manage litigation, brief external counsels and finalize written submissions in courts.
 Coordination for the compliances regarding BSE, for any matters
 Filing of Returns (Annual Return, Investor complaints , Corporate Governance , Share
Holding Pattern , etc)
 Will be accountable for Record updation of shareholders/stakeholders.
 Follow the compliances of SEBI : SEBI Takeover Regulation 2011, [Regulation 7(2)] –
SEBI etc.
 (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015
 Compliances of Quarterly, Event Based Compliances SEBI LODR compliances.
 Coordinate with the advocate for the legal matters of the Companies.
 Coordination for Banking / Demat documentation: All documentations regarding opening /
closing / activating of Accounts / Netbanking.
 Conducting Secretarial Audit / Coordination in Stock Audit / Bankers Audit / Investor
Queries / Audit coordination
 Responsible for timely renewal of agreements for Plants / Godown and execute Addendum,
if any
 Conducting Secretarial Audit / Coordination in Stock Audit / Bankers Audit / Investor
Queries / Audit coordinate
 Coordination for IR / PR
 All company law / SEBI related compliances documentations / director remuneration /
payment quarterly / proper filling of documentation for Manorama & other group
 General budget preparation and management of expenses.
 Register of directors; Register of charges; register of allotments; register of transfers; register
of members;
 Drafting Minutes of meetings and resolutions; register of secretaries;
 Register of directors’ interests; register of debenture holders; service contracts of directors;
directors’ indemnities;
 Documents of purchase or redemption the shares out of the capital by a private company;
 Report to members of the result of investigation put by a company into interests in its own

 Qualified CS

 Experience – 5 to 10 years of exp. As a Company Secretary
 Min. 3 yrs of Exp. In Listed company is Required.\

CTC  10 lpa