9 Successful Time Management Tips

If you are experiencing stress both at home and at work due to workload or time management issues, it’s time to stop and rework on yourself. Improving time management means developing your both time habits and management habits. Habits are something which is formed on a daily basis, so small changes in your everyday life can help you become a successful time manager of your life.

Here are simple nine ways to reform yourself:

  1. Be Honest.

    It is extremely important, to be frank, and authentic with oneself. Spend time with yourself and note down what is it that you want, what are your likings, what are your dislikings, what are your dreams, what do you want to be when you are 50?

  2. Set Priorities.

    Learn to carry a small notebook with you everywhere, this can help you write down any tasks which are to be done sooner or later, prioritize them and act accordingly. While returning from work or anytime during the evening, check your list. Also, it’s always better to start with two main priorities for the day and do everything possible to accomplish it or finish it.

  3. Start Early.

    Most successful humans have one habit in common, they wake up early. The peace of the morning gives one some time to think with a clear head, to plan without disturbance and noise. A good start will ensure a good day ahead.

  4. Single Tasking.

    It’s very common to multitask these days. You want to juggle between roles and basically be everywhere. It’s ideal, to break your tasks into units, maybe club similar ones together and work on them to get a better output. Like it’s always better to stand on one boat, rather than putting your individual legs in two different boats.

  5. Make Small Changes.

    You are capable of making changes, but, making too many changes at the same time can break sync and result in a disaster. Skip the chaos, and embrace the new changes slowly. For instance, start with a particular change on a Monday and try and carry out the same for the whole week, something as simple as waking up at 6 am every day.

  6. Learn to say “No”.

    Things which don’t go hand in hand with your priority list should be turned down. Learn to say “No” when you don’t like it, or when it’s not your job or you know you can’t possibly finish it in a particular time frame. Over promising can lead to false hopes, expectations and disastrous results! With time passing by, people will start appreciating your honesty and dedication towards your task list.

  7. Workout to Timeout.

    The best way to cope with stress and pressure is to exercise daily, if not, then at least thrice a week. With time, working out will help you be more confident to face stressful situations both at home and work. Apart from exercise, meditation and a good sleep will ensure a clean and clear head. It will be easier for you to take up bigger challenges in life.

  8. Focused Effort.

    It’s very important not to get carried away by just work or get overwhelmed doing the family duties. A balanced and focused effort is very crucial. Know when to do what. Schedule your day in a way that at given point in time you are just doing one single thing. If you are at work, ensure completing and leaving it there, rather than replying to emails while sitting for dinner with your wife and kids.

  9. Be a Problem Solver.

    Well, because no one every got a solution running away from it. Being an escapist, not being ready to face your problems will only do you more harm than good. So ideally, it’s always best to prepare a plan ahead. Learn to recognize your future problems and have a handy plan ready for it.

Honestly, it does take some time for our habits to change, so it’s important for you to realize the bad ones and let them go at the earliest and embrace the new ones happily and sooner!


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