Five Ways to Improve Your Resume Today

Your Resume:

Avoid long descriptions of jobs and experience. Format your resume so that you have as much white space around the text as possible. This makes reading your resume easier and quicker, a plus to busy human resources professionals and recruiters. By increasing the white space on your resume, you make your content stand out more.

Use Bulleted Points:

Using bullets or point form text in your resume makes it easier to read and encourages you to only list the important points of your past employment. Be concise with your information and highlight important qualifications as they relate to this position.

Be Clear:

Clearly define what your job was using terms that are simple and easy to understand. Clarify by explaining any qualifications, spell out acronyms, and use common formats for any software you have experience with.

Check Your Spelling:

Nothing shows lack of attention to detail like spelling mistakes or typos on your resume. By using a spell checker, you eliminate some of these, but make sure you give it a complete, thorough read-through because some words aren’t caught by spell-checkers.

Use an Easy to Read Font and Format:

Stick to the basics when creating your resume. Make sure the layout is broken down into appropriate sections, the font is easy to read at a glance, and that your font size isn’t too large. Choose a good quality plain paper to print your resume on.